June 22, 2012
From the inner sleeve of Isis’ Oceanic in which our hero drowns himself.


…As he tetered on the edge, With his eyes rolled back,
Jet streams criss crossing over his head,
The sun laid his wavering shadow over the surface of the water,
His mind spun with tangled thoughts and his legs shook in his advance towards the watery redemption….

The wind blew in his ears and his face streamed with tears.
Smoke rose from behind his eyes with internal incinerations.
He was breaking up…

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February 19, 2012

October 8, 2011
Sand Halp. Please. Dath.

Sand Halp. Please. Dath.

September 30, 2011
All the fuck is blurring together now.

As I sit here writing this my mind is not quite prepared for all the fuck its experienced, but it’s best to write shit up while its fresh.

So last night we had a party. There was a lot of vodka and it all went a bit wrong. I wake up in Johnny’s bed as is quite often the case. Johnny is asleep on the floor, more on that later. I feel a stab in my back and I’ve been lying on a pen. But as I take it out they just keep coming, I find a total of seven pens underneath me, and a stapler. I’m wondering where the fuck all this stationary came from. 

Johnny wakes up in pain and asks me ‘Mate, why am I on the floor?’ and I calmly inform him that he chose to sleep on the floor and in fact refused to sleep in his own bed when I told him there was space.

Also, during the course of the evening I was casually dropping beer bottles from the balcony of the flat, mid-conversation. Just non-chalantly tossing them for no reason. God knows. There was an inflatable dick, and dubstep and quite frankly all these mental weekends are blurring together. 


September 26, 2011
Questionable sexuality

I understand that this blog may look really fucking gay, but it is not. We are two extremely straight men. We’re so straight we even help eachother out with wanking techniques. 

And there’s nothing gay about wanking.

September 26, 2011
Watching Carl Sagan with blown minds.
Johnny is also playing Diddy Kong Racing on the same screen because multi-tasking is not just for women. 

Watching Carl Sagan with blown minds.

Johnny is also playing Diddy Kong Racing on the same screen because multi-tasking is not just for women. 

September 25, 2011
Sam Jones

"Where would humanity be without curiosity? Here, this is it, right here"- Sam after lying on the couch for the whole day. 

Sam Jones is a miniature buddha. 

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September 25, 2011
"She makes you roll around in sweets and chocolate and stuff and tells you how fat you are"

— Matt Lewis on a Glasgow Dominatrix 

September 24, 2011
Drinking Game- Arrogance.

Last night at a party we played a lovely game called Arrogance. It’s simplistic and gets you fucked up. 

You will need: A cup, alcohol, a coin


Everyone has their own drink, there is a cup in the centre. 

1) How confident are you? fill the cup corresponding to this. 

2) Flip the coin.

3) Call it.

4) If you’re right, pass the cup on, next person repeats this process

5) If you guess wrong, drink it.

Addition rule: If you flip the coin and drop it, you drink anyway. 

And that’s it. Let’s get fucked up. 

September 23, 2011
What’s the issue here?

What’s the issue here?